We Need to Catch Up with Our Data: REPORT

LogLogic, a company that offers a scalable log and security intelligence platform (LSIP) that addresses the two most talked-about buzzwords in the IT industry today, released a new research paper covering the two trends and how they tie in with data protection. The report was compiled by Echelon One, research firm that specializes in Cybersecurity.

The first area the lengthy document covers is big data. Over 60 percent of participants said they handle over one terabyte of data, and 38 percent said they management upward of a petabyte. Perhaps most significant are the 67 percent that ranked managing IT logs, big data, as “either important or extremely important.” The two firms also looked into other statistics, such as how companies handle log compliance, how much data is produced by workers’ end devices and so forth.

The second main highlight of the paper is cloud, and how it converges with the previous topic. The primary result here, which also leads to the eventual conclusion of the report, is that 72 percent of the respondents believed they have “the tools to manage data for their existing, and future cloud environments.” Mandeep Khera, chief marketing officer of LogLogic noted this in a statement that was released along with the research. The bottom line: the enterprise needs to catch up with its data.

“Organizations of every size are collecting more data from a variety of sources within the enterprise and the cloud infrastructures, and many organizations are not using the right tools and processes to manage these data. If this pattern continues, we will see enterprises falling farther behind, unable to derive actionable insights, which can help organizations make intelligent decisions.”

The need for newer tools to manage modern workloads and tasks is being addressed by vendors. Infochimp’s latest offering is one of these products: a tool that’s designed to manage analytics engines in the cloud, including Hadoop.