MapR and Informatica Integrate Offerings

Commercial Hadoop distributor MapR and BI software maker Informatica announced a big data partnership through which they have integrated their offerings to provide a few additional advantages to customers.

MapR’s Hadoop distro is integrated with the Informatica Platform, which translates into several things. Data being processed by MapR automatically reaches Informatica PowerCenter and PowerExchange, while Informatica FastClone is used for replication and the Ultra Messaging tool for data streaming. This is all coupled with the parallel data munching MapR’s software offers.

In addition, the HParser Community Edition will become available for download as a part of the MapR distribution.

“By using MapR and Informatica together, organizations will now be able to perform high performance data integration, replication and messaging. Together the two companies can push the limits of high performance networks and move many terabytes per hour of transaction, interaction and streaming data into MapR, as well as parse and process a broad range of structured and unstructured data natively in Hadoop, all without coding.”

At this stage, the partnership is a very important one for MapR. Its version of Hadoop is no longer the core of EMC’s big data plans for Greenplum, now that the companies’ integrated offering has been replaced with a completely homegrown solution that has been developed to run on Isilon hardware.

On top of that, MapR is also facing quite a bit of competition. Cloudera, HortonWorks and many other companies have set out with the agenda of monetizing the big potential (pun intended) of Hadoop.

Informatica in turn has been doing very well. Its latest fiscal quarter was officially its best to date, with a handful of handsome growth percentages and earnings to match. The firm posted a profit of $0.38 per share on revenue of $227 million.