Geoloqi Partners with Appcelerator and Others to Help Developers Build Geolocation Applications

Geoloqi logo

Geoloqi logo Geoloqi, the proprietary geolocation platform for developers that I profiled recently will announce new partnerships today at SXSW during co-founder Amber Case’s keynote speech.

The partnerships are:

  • Appcelerator: Appcelerator is the company behind Titanium, a platform for building native apps for multiple operating systems using a single JavaScript/HTML/CSS code base. Geoloqi’s platform will now be available through the Appcelerator marketplace and enable Titanium developers to conveniently add Geoloqi’s location features into their applications. Case says the partnership is a good fit because Appcelerator, like Geoloqi, focuses on both individual developers and enterprises. Case said that Phonegap, another cross-platform mobile app stack, is a difficult fit for Geoloqi right now because Phonegap doesn’t have the native kits for iOS and Android, which makes it hard to do the persistent real-time geolocation.
  • Factual: Factual provides access to a large location database containing points of interest and all over the world. Factual’s data powered Simplegeo’s location data service, which Geoloqi relied on heavily. Since Urban Airship decided to shutdown Simplegeo’s services after acquiring the company last year, Geoloqi had to go straight to the source. Now Factual and Geoloqi are partnering to bring Factual’s data to Geoloqi developers and bring Geoloqi’s platform to Factual customers.
  • Locaid: I had originally pegged Locaid, which provides a platform for using carrier based location information, as a competitor to Geoloqi. But since Geoloqi only uses methods such as GPS or cell tower tracking and Locaid only uses carrier information, it makes for a good partnership so that developers can choose from a wider range of location methods within an application.
  • The Appcelerator and Factual partnerships make plenty of sense, but the Locaid partnership is the most intriguing since it will extend Geoloqi’s reach into the enterprise and expand both companies’ capabilities. Locaid has carrier partnerships with AT&T, Rogers, Verizon, Sprint, TELUS and T-Mobile. That’s a lot of potential location data.