Typesafe’s Scala Stack Adds Management Console


Today Typesafe, the company co-founded by Scala creator Martin Odersky, announced the release of Typesafe Stack 2.0. The new version of adds a proprietary management console, along with the newest version of the Akka middleware announced last week. The stack also includes the latest version of Scala and the Play framework.

Typesafe was founded last year to commercialize Scala. The company offers commercial support for the Typesafe Stack, along with a few proprietary tools such as the management console. There is also a free open source version of the stack that lacks the management tools.

Scala is a multi-paradigm programming language that has become increasingly popular for building highly scalable Web applications. It’s probably best known for its use at Twitter, where developers began using the language in place of Ruby for certain things. Scala runs on the Java Virtual Machine and features support for multiple cores.

In addition to Twitter, Scala is used by UBS for risk management, NASA for mission log analysis, Onyx Government Systems for data modeling and by The Guardian for its Content API.