Support Meets Immersion in HP Mobile App-Driven Service [Video Interview]

Computer game developers like to talk about the “immersive experience” their products provide. HP has come close to creating its own immersive experience mobile app for customers, but instead of a game this free app turns the customer’s tablet into a window into his IT environment and HP’s service and support.

The app provides direct access to information on the systems HP is monitoring, ranging from the status of the service contract or warranty on each covered device in the customer’s environment to the status of any active trouble tickets, to direct chat connections to the right service person, in the customer’s preferred language, worldwide.

HP Director of Information Strategies Tommaso Esmanech demonstrated the new service for Wikibon Chief Analyst David Vellante and SiliconAngle CEO John Furrier in The Cube during a live webcast over from the HP New Support Reality event (see video below).

“This system links the customer’s situation to our service capability. When something goes off-track, the system will automatically generate a trouble ticket, trigger services, and notify the customer on their mobile device,” he says. With one tap the customer can see the status of the trouble ticket and be connected directly to the right information and support. New parts are ordered automatically, and the customer is linked to information such as instructional videos from HP’s library on how to perform the required maintenance.

Customers can also connect to the right support person directly with a screen tap for either a call or chat session, which can be conducted directly from the customer’s mobile device. Chat, he said, is growing in popularity with volume increasing 25% per year.

Customers can also access and save support documents. And they can see the warranty or service contract on any device HP covers at any time, something that customers with thousands of devices to manage specifically requested, simply by hovering over the device identification on the listing on their screen, without having to navigate the Web site or even click the screen.

The concept, Esmanech said, is “we wanted to bring all the information on the customer’s environment into one [logical] place, where they could access it easily without having to find their way through multiple locations or portals.” Customers can look at a single device or their entire infrastructure, see any outstanding issues, overall condition, and performance. And they can carry it with them wherever they need to be. That is about as immersive as IT management gets.