The Top 25 VMware-Focused Blogs


vSphere-Land recently did its annual poll to determine the best VMware blogs for 2011.
In total, the results feature 180 blogs. There were about 80 new blogs on the ballot this year, which is testament to the rich blog community surrounding virtualization.  About 1,200 people voted in the poll. Last year about 800 people voted.

Duncan Epping, who writes the Yellow Bricks blog received the top ranking. Scott Lowe came in second. by Eric Sloof came in third. Chad Sakac’s Virual Geek was fourth and Frank Deneman’s blog came in fifth. (See below for an image of the top 25, courtesy of vSphere-Land.)

These blogs are technical in nature, providing a valuable resource to the legions of technicians who manage VMware technology. It also shows the passion that people have for virtualization and the endless variety of topics and issues that people cover.

In total, vSphere-Land lists ten categories that cover the entire VMware space. They include favorite storage blogs. EMC’s Sakat came in first in that category. Hypervizor by Henry Michael came in first in the cloud computing category. Brian Madden had the favorite end user computing blog.

The vChat crew did a great show talking about the top 25. It’s worth watching. They give a good picture of the overall community.

I especially like the words of encouragement on the vSphere-Land blog to all the people out there who do the hard work in keeping a blog fresh. It’s hard to do.

With so many bloggers out there its a tough scene but I seriously encourage you all to keep at it, the longer you stick with it, the more people notice and will reward you with their vote. You guys are all great, I know how hard it can be to find the time to blog but do know that your efforts are appreciated and your unselfish dedication makes a difference to a great many of people.

Services Angle

This is a huge service for the community. These bloggers represent the world’s knowledge base about virtualization. There are several blogs that focus on the services aspect of virtualizartion technology. But overall, it should be commended for showing the rich community that has made VMware what it is today.