Forthcoming Class and Meetup in Silicon Valley: DevOps and Kanban


Kanban is a popular method for agile development, and I’ve started hearing of more IT operations teams using it to stay organized. Those in Silicon Valley interested in learning more about how to use the Kanban method for getting dev and ops teams on the same page can check out a forthcoming>class and meetup on the subject.

On March 22-23 John Willis (of Enstratus) and Gene Kim (author of Visible Ops) will teach a course Kanban for Devops in Sunnyvale. If the $1,200 per person price tag puts you off but you’re interested in discussing the topic with your peers, check out the free Silicon Valley DevOps Meetup, where Kim will read from his new book When IT Fails: The Novel. If you’re interested in the meetup, reserve your spot now because space is limited.

Here’s the agenda for the class:

Day 1 Kanban Mechanics
– Demand Analysis
– Workflow Mapping
– Visualization
– Work Item Types
– Work-in-progress Limits
– Classes of Service
– Kanban Simulation Game

Day 2 Kanban Progression
– Kanban System design
– Operations Review
– Case Studies
– Risk Management
– Metrics
– Service Level Agreements (SLA)
– Variability and predictability
– How to Get Started with Kanban

(hat tip Dev2Ops

(Photo by Dennis Hamilton