Sosh on iPhone Expands Social Discovery Trend

San Francisco startup Sosh extends its offerings to the iPhone after launching an Android app last summer.  With Sosh you can discover events using technology and a team of local curators, giving you personalized recommendations. It helps users weigh which event to attend from the dozens going on every day.

“People come to a city like SF because it’s full of interesting people, cultural events, standout restaurants and more. But it’s a lot of work to keep up with it all,” said Rishi Mandal, co-founder and CEO of Sosh. “We’re social creatures, but we’re also busy. So people end up doing the same things over and over – they go to the movies, the same nearby restaurants, etc.”

The technology that powers Sosh was developed by ex-Google and Slide engineers. In order to provide recommendations, it consults hundreds of sources every day to determine what’s new, what’s hot and what’s worth checking out. The local curators will apply expert insight on these events to ensure that the worthwhile activities are highlighted based on members’ preferences.

“Just like that, your social life becomes both easier and more exciting,” continued Mandal. “We’re thrilled about the iPhone app because it amplifies the power of Sosh, since so many people are making these decisions on the go.”

Members can also bookmark experiences that interest them. The startup hosted a number of speakeasy events throughout SF this year to get to know its users base, and they were welcomed warmly. Of the few hundred spots offered, thousands of people signed up to attend the user events.

Sosh is only available in the San Francisco, but they should expand to additional cities soon.

Social discovery is white hot

Social discovery was one of the hottest things at SXSW this year, underscoring companies such as Highlight and Glancee. If the person standing next to you is also a Highlight user, their profile will show up on your phone so you can see what you guys have in common. Glancee works similarly, as it helps you find new people who share friends and interests.

Some believe that social discovery will be handy in recruiting people in the future. “You only need to be a friend of a friend of a recruiter and they will be able to look into your Highlight profile and check out whether they should be wooing you for a client.”