HP Software Upgrades Developer Platform and Tools – Mobile ANGLE is Perfecto

HP today announced new Application Transformation solutions that is aimed at the growing mobile-based enterprise applications developer market for the corporate enterprise.

We the surge of cloud, mobile, and social infrastructure the developer equations is changing.  HP has upgraded their software app development products to focus on smartphones and mobile applications.  This is changingthe way enterprises create value and drive competitive differentiation.

Here is the announcement by HP – link.

I had a chance to talk with Matt Morgan of HP Software to get the low down.  Here is my angle on this announcement by HP.

{Note:  After my briefing with HP exec and PR firm, HP’s PR firm would not comment on the record or off the record to the EMC buying Pivotal Labs.  The Pivotal Labs highlights the differences between HP and others.  I found it troubling that HP could not comment on it either way.  This points to a potential problem with HP.  I will investigate this further.}

HP addresses three major business opportunities:

  1. Globalization – developers and business analysts are on a global stage and different time zones etc. causes problems.  There are issues with time recovery to solve problems.  This is big because developer productivity.
  2. Mobile apps are exploding – untooled development staffs are screaming for help and are looking for mobile apps and caplitalize on the push by business management to build mobile apps.
  3. Change in software development practices– software development cycles are no longer in months but instead they are in days and weeks.  The next generation software development efforts must match the changing business models.  The core issue is that it’s a real time marketplace.

The big trend is that companies are streamlining the middle man in the new direct to customer business models.  This new value activity is creating  new and better user experiences.  At the end of the day it’s a better competitive business advantage for companies who embrace the new developer paradigms.

Iterative approach to software is matching the business model dynamic nature – developers and product managers are rewriting requirements all the time.  Business line mgt are changing requirements faster than developers can move – HP hopes to solve this problem.

The ANGLE on  the announcement:

1. HP Enterprise Collaboration – social media experience across the application lifecycle – it’s a “no cost” product that is shipping today.  It’s all about the applications lifecycle.  Specifically the fluidity for developers.  HP is enabling all the stakeholders to be in the development process.  This solves the problem of filtering of complex system information that is out of sync thus stalling the speed of execution and coding

2. HP Anywhere – This is the capability to distribute mobile apps in a way for full visibility across IT in all HP Software environments today.  It’s billed as a secure distribution platform that delivers the HP technology on the software side.

3. Mobile Functional Testing — Mobile isn’t that easy to build because there is more to it than a light front end.  Mobile must be integrated into all the other backend systems.  HP is Partner with Perfecto Mobile.  Perfecto houses hundreds of test ready devices in the cloud ready for test. HP provides the automated functional testing technology fully integrated into the test cloud and other lifecycle management systems.

Other cool features include Application Lifecycle Intelligence which will do auto configuration for developers across developer physical environments.  Now developers can set up test and dev environment instantly without manual process.

HP is firing on all cylinders and the software group has some real innovation going on.  Lots of clouds at HP are dampening their visibility.