The Paradoxes of Twitter: Xbox Support Hits 1 Million Tweets


According to the website, Twitter has reached one milestone of more than 500 million users since Feb. 22. And now the social network’s most responsive brand, that of Xbox support, has exceeded a landmark 1,000,000 tweets!

Microsoft’s X-Box support (@XboxSupport) that began in August 2009 on Twitter is regarded as most responsive brand by Guiness World Records. The elite Tweet fleet has reached 100,000 followers on June 16, 2011, nearly two years after the creation of the @XboxSupport handle. Currently the support group has 170,000 followers and they sent an average of more than 10,000 tweets a day.

Today, Twitter (and other social networks) is used not only by ordinary people but also the major brands, as well as small and medium businesses. Often the company’s reputation may suffer from improper communication or revocation, which may scatter over a network with lightning speed.

Microsoft X-Box team knows the importance of the social media and they are spending time listening as how best to help customers, answering questions and solving problems. The support group tweeted with over 237,024 unique customers, they had conversions with 208,751 different customers and they have sent a total of 2,916 Public Service Announcements including news or other Xbox LIVE releases.

The Xbox’s Twitter account is also collecting a lot of knowledge about the types of problems experienced by their customers. The team is looking to leverage the experienced by constantly innovating that into training customer service representatives and changing the way their services work in the future.

“We’re even more excited about the next million tweets…and the next million after that. The Xbox brand is always looking to the future of the industry—constantly innovating. @XboxSupport is no different. We’ll keep pushing the limits of customer service; continuing to break new ground with social media based support on Twitter and beyond,” as quoted on the official Xbox forum.

Microsoft is not the only company spending time listening to off-color tweets. recently uncovered its Service Cloud 3, through which organizations of all sizes can now communicate and get involved with customers across social communities such as Twitter, Facebook, and several others. Service Cloud 3 will enable companies not only to monitor, but manage, resolve, and respond to issues in real-time, delivering the kinds of positive customer service experiences through the social networks.

Walmart has also be commenced the use of social data, including a Twitter search site called TweetBeat, a health vertical called RightHealth and a homepage where users could search the Web by topic.


Customer satisfaction – is the sacred goal of every entrepreneur. However, a new era of social networks such as Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn etc. brings an entirely new importance to customer satisfaction. Since any feedback, both positive and negative reach friends and friends of friends and friends of friends of friends of your customers on an unprecedented scale.

Each interaction between the company and the customer is a chance to bring your relationship to a new level. Each channel of customer interaction; be it an office, store, social website or phone should serve as an essential resource for the client. It forms the quality and longevity of the relationship between the company and customers.

The use of the social media as a customer service channel is still evolving. People are still not used to use social media as the form of addressing customer service issues and they are not well acquainted as how to use the tools effectively.

As per a report from customer experience analytics solutions provider, ClickFox, more than 76.1 percent responded that they would be more likely to use social media for customer service and support if they better understood the tools available to fit their specific needs.

This gives companies the opportunity for potential cost-savings by implementing a way to incorporate social channels into a total customer service solution.