Business Guide: Top Mobile VoIP Tools of the Week

VoIP is widely used by companies all over the globe to communicate with their customers in order to quickly address their concerns.  With mobile devices flourishing in the market, VoIP providers like RingCentral are also adapting to the rapid changes happening in order for businesses to keep up and stay reachable by customers.  Here are some of the recent innovations in VoIP.

Zingaya Enterprise

Zingaya, developer of scalable, high-quality web-based VoIP applications for enterprises, developers and customer service call centers, recently announced Zingaya Enterprise, a new platform and API enabling VoIP calls from a browser or a mobile app with a single click.  E-commerce companies and other customer-focused organizations can embed a widget on their website that allows their customers to simply click a button to start speaking to a live customer agent.

Zingaya has been used by some of the world’s largest organizations as part of their social customer service programs since it was launched as one of the top-five products at DEMO in 2010.

“Incorporating new technology to enhance our customer service experience is what we are all about at,” said Anthony Ramirez,’s Director of Customer Service. “We’re always looking for ways to be ahead of the curve in terms of technologies and features and Zingaya gives us a new, user-friendly way to interact and service our customers.”

VoIP Innovations’ New Mobile App

VoIP Innovations, a high quality VoIP DIDs service provider, introduced their iPhone and Android apps at the ITEXPO event last month in Miami.

The VoIP app is a scaled-down version of the company’s BackOffice portal, Titanium III, providing customers with instant access to key account metrics such as; DIDs, usage, billing, payments, and porting information.

“As our Titanium III platform evolves, so will our app,” stated Jason Tapolci, President of VoIP Innovations. “Our philosophy has always been to look to our customers for ideas and provide them with the tools they need to more efficiently manage their carrier services. Real-time information is the key to being successful in the voip industry and providing that data is an essential component to our service offering.”

AudioCodes’ SEM

AudioCodes, a leading provider of VoIP technologies and Voice Network products, announced the introduction of Session Experience Manager (SEM), a new software solution built to monitor, analyze, report and control the quality of incoming and outgoing enterprise voice calling over the Internet in real-time.

SEM supports the AudioCodes Mediant family of Media Gateways and Enterprise Session Border Controllers (E-SBCs). It is integrated with AudioCodes’ Element Management System (EMS), allowing IT managers to update the configuration of supported AudioCodes’ networking devices as an immediate remedy to certain QoE issues identified by SEM. SEM also eliminates the need for special hardware-based probing elements, and can be deployed as a virtualized solution to enable maximum flexibility in implementation with other server-based installed solutions.

“SEM provides enterprises with the confidence that their VoIP network and services are effectively utilized, function well and deliver the expected Service Level Agreement (SLA),” said Nimrod Borovsky, VP Marketing at AudioCodes.

“It is an ideal solution for contact center environments, distributed enterprises with remote users and multiple branches, businesses connecting to SIP trunking providers and many other organizations that want to reap the benefits of VoIP and Unified Communications services while experiencing high quality voice communication.”


In February SPIRIT DSP, a top voice and VoIP engines provider, and Maaii Limited, a mobile VoIP application business based in Hong Kong, joined forces to deliver cross-platform, integrated HD VoIP  communications to consumers and operators.

Maaii licensed SPIRIT’s TeamSpirit Voice Engine Mobile and TeamSpirit Voice Engine PC SDKs to power Maaii’s new communication applications with HD-quality VoIP calling for iOS and Android devices.  The new Maaii app is a cross-platform, integrated communications product that allows free WiFi/3G calling between Maaii users with low rates to mobile and landline numbers worldwide.  The Maaii iOS app was released in January is available for free, while the Android app is still in closed beta but will be available to consumers soon.

“Maaii brings interconnectivity to consumers, carriers and enterprises with cross-platform, mobile-to-mobile communications,” said Maaii’s Vice President, Chris Lewis.

“We’re confident that SPIRIT’s proven voice engine technology and extensive cross-platform support is the right choice to power HD-quality voice on our integrated communications products. In fact, since Maaii launched in the App Store on Jan. 9th, the app has seen incredible growth and has been well received by users and the media alike.”