Citrusleaf Introduces Smart Replication for Hadoop

Database solutions developer Citrusleaf launched a new offering for general availability today – a replication engine that runs on top of its flagship Citrusleaf 2.0 NoSQL platform. Cross Datacenter Replication (XDR) is unique thanks to the fact it addresses a couple of different points the company’s customers are undoubtedly looking at, and delivers a good deal of flexibility while doing so.

The software supports multi-master ring topologies, enabling clients to easily spread around data between their facilities based on its respective users’ physical location. XDR allows admins to apply different replication policies to each of these ‘individual data elements,’ and also extends the functionality of Citrusleaf itself. It’s now possible to connect the distributed database to data warehouses, including Hadoop-powered ones, using the replication software which puts a big emphasis on real-time apps.

Founding chief executive Brian Bulkowski completed the description and full pitch of XDR:

“One of the most critical needs in the real-time advertising business is uncompromised performance, extreme reliability and 24/7 uptime,” said Brian Bulkowski, co-founder and CEO of Citrusleaf.  “Advertising customers must have confidence that the system will stay up under any conditions, including catastrophic events. XDR was specifically designed to support advanced business continuity requirements.”

NoSQL is growing right alongside these big data trends, a term that is more often than not associated with Hadoop today. dotCloud’s latest update, announced yesterday, is the second in the past few months that ties in with this area, this time via the addition of support for MongoDB 2.0among other new features.

The same conclusion about the prosperity of these two correlating ecosystems can also be drawn from a recent tidbit by Ben Koehler, a big data blogger that attended Strata and dug deeper into the surface by identifying the key investors behind each prominent startup that attended.