Dell Expands Partner Relations, Enhances Feedback Aggregation

Dell had a few updates this week, including several developments that concern its partner ecosystem and the overhaul of its IdeaStorm product suggestions site.

The first item was picked up by the UK’s Register. The hardware maker is expanding  its foothold in Europe via a new extension of a 14-month old partnership with IT solutions distributor Magirus.  The two companies have already been cooperating in France, Switzerland, Germany, the Netherlands and parts of southern Europe.

“Dell claimed Magirus gives its access to 6,000 trading reseller customers, “particularly virutalisation partners who need support migrating to virtualised data centre and computing solutions,” said Dell’s director of marketing programmes for Europe, Kathy Schneider.”

The cloud is one industry Dell is heavily targeting through its massive sales channel, and its two latest partnerships will further promote this policy. The company is now reselling Adobe’s EchoSign and AppExtremes’ Conga Composer eDocument under the label of the Dell Cloud Business Applications (DCBA) portfolio. Both of these solutions are eSignature tools that are meant to save the trouble of having to sign papers by allowing business users to carry out the same option using digitized hand- (or rather mouse-) writing. They two also share in common the fact that they’re subsection-based hosted services.

The last but not least Dell development in this piece will be the company’s very wise decision of upgrading IdeaStorm, a site that was launched in hopes of turning Dell consumers into a crowdsourced QA and feedback resource. The concept was quite new back when the website first debuted five years ago, but now that social media and enterprise advanced there was a need to improve.