Engine Yard Strengthens Partner Relations with New ‘Tracks’

PaaS provider Engine Yard, the particular favorite of Rails and PHP developers, announced a big moved designed to bolster its ecosystem and make its platform more attractive on the broader scope.

The company put an emphasis on categorizing its partners, and developed specialized ‘tracks’ for them which they can follow in order to maximize the return from their respective relationships with Engine Yard. Each partner can receive specific benefits from each course, whether they’re one of the 200 app developers working PaaS, one of the 100 technology partners or an infrastructure provider.

Interestingly enough, Engine Yard also revealed a track dedicated to startup incubators. Members of this particular program can offer their startups a roadmap to realize their idea – an idea that will run on the EngineYard PaaS at one point or another.

“We’ve built our partner program to combine the strength of our leading commercial grade PaaS platform with the expertise and reach of our network of world-class service and solution providers. This combination provides our customers with the tools and resources necessary to support, manage and innovate with application solutions,” said Marcy Campbell, SVP Global Alliances and Business Development at Engine Yard.

This particular platform-as-a-service provider is all about exploring new opportunities, a willingness that it demonstrates with this latest initiative and an earlier program named Engine Yard Labs. It’s a kind of public testing/feedback service that includes languages and other components not yet optimized for the company’s product, and the first one it decided to feature was Node.js. Node is a JavaScript-based language that has picked up a lot of hype lately thanks to several different innovations, including the ability to run the same code on both the frontend and backend. In addition it also proved to be of good use in big data environments.