Jive Brings Gamification to Social Collaboration

Everyone likes to play a game every now and again.  Checking in on the gamification trend for enterprise environments, Jive has teamed with Bunchball for an advanced gamification module in Jive’s Social Business platform.

Bunchball is the tops when it comes to gamification programs. The company’s popular cloud-based Nitro gamification platform is being used by global companies including Adobe, HP, VMware, Cisco and Comcast to name a few.

Jive Gamification allows businesses to engage users with features like role-based missions and challenges, status levels and badges, team-based goals and competitions, real-time feedback and end-to-end fulfillment of virtual or physical rewards.

“We’re thrilled to partner with Bunchball,” said Nathan Rawlins, VP of Product Marketing at Jive. “For years Jive has used game mechanics to drive user engagement. With Bunchball, we’re taking gamification to the next level – we are giving Jive customers the ability to personalize incentives that encourage specific business activities for greater user engagement and business value.”

The module has a powerful gamification engine that tracks over a hundred specific Jive actions that can be used to determine user-defined challenges and rewards.

Jive Releases Social Intranet Solution

In addition to the Jive Gamification module, the company also introduced Jive Social Intranet Solution.  It integrates with social computing collaboration tools to offer full-featured, internal social networks for businesses.  Its suite of applications help businesses collaborate on a variety of tasks, including group discussions, document-sharing, blogging, polls and more.

While it sounds outdated that many businesses rely on traditional, stale intranets for company-wide communication and team collaboration, Jive is hoping to disrupt this space by offering a social intranet platform with more gamification features for better engagement.

The intranet solution offers collaborative document creation that includes editing, content-sharing, as well as intelligent search and recommendation-filtered activity streams. The platform also integrates with Microsoft Outlook, Office, and SharePoint, with enterprise-grade controls for security, privacy, permissions and compliance. It supports mobile access for the Blackberry, Android, and iPhone as well.

“Today’s intranets are based on crumbling portals or stale SharePoint sites – systems built to maintain content, not engage employees,” said John F. Rizzo, Chief Marketing Officer at Jive. “The Jive Social Intranet Solution liberates the data trapped into these old systems, giving it flexibility, context and relevance. We want to offer customers a more social and rewarding way to engage internally, for increased productivity and collaboration.”

Companies like Yammer also playing in the social intranet market space. The company’s Yammer Pages, Yammer Files and Yammer Ticker are document collaboration tools that can be integrated with SharePoint to store, edit and discuss files within Yammer in real time.

Harmon.ie is another cross-platform enterprise solutions provider that provides collaboration with SharePoint, Microsoft Outlook and Google Docs. The company’s harmon.ie Enterprise Edition transforms email interface into a collaboration and social workspace with real time access to business.

Becoming a more collaborative and more social, business requires a gradual change of behavior. Enterprise social strategies not only need to be adaptive, but ready to add to existing business workflows. Effective social collaboration tools from companies like Jive, Yammer, Harmon.ie etc. are not only connecting people to real time documents but also connecting documents to people.