DevOps Dossier: Rally Software’s Virtual Kanban


Kanban boards are great, but what if you need to manage a remote team? Or retain records of your progress? That’s where Kanban software comes in. Although there are many standalone application lifecycle management systemsare increasingly incorporating deployment/DevOps into their processes. If you want to do both Kanban and ALM, one option is Rally Software, which integrates Kanban into its agile ALM package.

Rally was founded in 2002 with a focus on agile development, but as dev teams started to bring ops into the ALM system, Rally VP of Products Todd Olson says the company started to hear more requests for Kanban software.

Rally acquired Kanban software-as-a-service AgileZen in August 2010. Rally next added the Kanban Board feature into its flagship Rally Platform product in April 2011. Since adding the feature, Olsen says that some customers use the Kanban Board for maintenance projects or other non-IT related activities.

You can check out a video demo here:

Rally competes with other virtual Kanban tools, including Trello, Swift-Kanban and LeanKit Kanban.

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