HelloWallet for iPhone v2 Arrives, Boosts Mobile Payments

HelloWallet, an independent, online financial guidance service for employees has pushed through a major update to HelloWallet for iPhone v2, an iPhone application for mobile payment transactions. With this new app version, HelloWallet is all set to make the first time user experience even better, and give a mobile experience that has all the power and functionality of this application.

HelloWallet for iPhone v2 lets users make their day-to-day financial decisions on the go, link bank and credit card accounts directly from the iPhone, set up additional budget categories, manually add spending transactions, and get ahead by tracking transactions while they’re still pending with the bank.

Some other developments in the mobile payments industry that are worth noting include Clairmail’s release of Clairmail Plus, an offering specifically designed to help mid-tier regional banks, community banks and credit unions seamlessly deploy Clairmail’s mobile banking and payments solution for their customers and members. With this release the company is bringing its mobile platform to traditionally underserved midmarket banks and credit unions, offering an end user experience at lower price point.

“We’ve seen immense demand in the midmarket for a mobile solution that keeps costs and IT investment down while delivering real value to consumers and banks alike,” said Pete Daffern, CEO of Clairmail.

“Clairmail Plus accomplishes both of these goals, leveraging Clairmail’s proven track record of innovation and success at some of the world’s biggest banks to bring a one of a kind solution to what’s traditionally been an underserved market in mobile. By introducing several new features like optimized integration services that significantly reduces the upfront investment, resources and time normally associated with a mobile implementation while minimizing the burden on the organization’s technology team, I believe Clairmail Plus is a significant step forward in making mobile banking and payments technologies more accessible and affordable for financial institutions of all sizes.”

There’s also a new mobile payment SDKS Card processing application from Total-Apps that will be used on smartphones or other mobile devices to accept credit card payments.

“With access to this new mobile credit apps, merchants with card terminals can now process payments at the same speed, or even quicker than standard credit card terminals,” said the company’s spokesperson who made the announcement today.

As the mobile payments space is one of lucrative segments, lots of companies are trying their best to tap the opportunities, from large to small. One of them is PaymentOne, has recently re-branded itself as PayOne. Along with the name change they launched a new look, new websites and a new simplified One-Click mobile payments platform.  They compete with initiatives from larger companies like Google Wallet, PayPal and Square, all of which have ramped up efforts around mobile account management in particular these past few weeks.