How to Appeal to Your Developers in the Mobile Era? Team with Appcelerator Platform

Outsourced R&D provider GlobalLogic and Appcelerator, the developer of the Titanium mobile dev platform, announced a curious new alliance.

The two companies will be integrating their engineering muscle, GlobalLogic’s 6,000 developers and Appcelerator’s massive partner and user ecosystems, to extend Titanium and as a result achieve a good bit of mutual benefit. GlobalLogic has implemented it as its main mobile development platform and is being certified to run extensions on it, while at the same time strengthening the core platform.

In addition, clients of both IT firms will be offered new delivery integration and mobile services.

“Partnering with an award-winning platform like Appcelerator will provide immediate benefits to our clients,” commented Shashank Samant, president of GlobalLogic. “By developing on Appcelerator Titanium, we can help our customers get to market faster, at lower cost, and with higher-quality mobile apps. This is part of our commitment to continuing to innovate on the services we offer our customers.”

As an app developer, and a fairly big one at that, not taking mobile into consideration would not have been a particularly wise move on behalf of GlobalLogic. The partnership with Appcelerator is an interesting course of action, and the collaborative emphasis ties in rather nicely with some of the bulletins it should focus on to appeal to the mobile worker.

Over at Appcelerator, the company recently hired a new COO, now in charge of its internal affairs. His name is Sandeep Johri, who joined the app development company from Hewlett-Packard. The appointment was announced shortly after Appcelerator head-hunted a couple of Adobe veterans, who now serve in two very central executive posts within the company.