Infochimps Rounds Out Platform with Dashpot

Earlier this year big data marketplace operator and tools maker Infochimps unveiled an enterprise data-as-a-service offering for managing large scale analytics, which is offered as a hosted solution or an on-premise license.

This week the Infochimps Platform has been brought to another level with the launch of Dashpot, a dashboard that runs on top of its core product with the purpose of getting the data closer to the decision makers. It does so in a number of ways, all of which either introduce simplification, extended functionality or both.

“We built Dashpot to dramatically increase the usability and management of the Infochimps Platform and help our customers see their data as it streams in. When users decorate their data with other sources, they can produce completely new insights that can fuel a new level of critical decision making,” said Joe Kelly, co-founder and CEO.”

Dashpot’s features can be divided to three different categories. One is cluster management, an area to which the software introduces one-button cluster activation, as well as a broader view on infrastructure performance for admins.  The tool is also integrated with Infochimps’ Ironfan provisioning and deployment layer.

The second category is systems monitoring, where it’s all about the metrics. Dashpot displays system performance figures associated with analytics – that encompasses data integrity and availability, plus other statistics.  In addition, users can connect to third party monitoring components to extend this particular feature-set even further, and the solution ships with Zabbix built in.

Last but not least is the new interface that gives business users direct access to the platform.  Dashpot extends Infochimps’ DaaS via the means of on-the-fly visualization applied to data as it’s collected, both from the client company’s streams and the Data Marketplace. This is meant to enable quicker response times and fastened-up execution overall.

The upgrade means Infochimps is finding new ways to penetrate the enterprise, appealing to executives that need data in an easily accessible and readable manner.  It’s another way big data is being conformed to today’s enterprise needs, expanding the services around raw data and analytics for the less geeky decision-makers within a given company.

Dashpot, Analytics & Operations Dashboard for the Infochimps Platform from Infochimps on Vimeo.