Cloud9 IDE Announces One-Click Node.js Deploys to Cloud Foundry

Cloud9 IDE logo

Cloud9 IDE logo Today cloud based integrated development environment Cloud 9IDE announced a partnership with VMware to enable one-click deployment of Node.js applications to any Cloud Foundry based platform-as-a-service environments. Through a simple interface within Cloud9, you can specify how many instances of an app to deploy, how much RAM to allocate and which version of Node.js to use.

Cloud9 already features Node.js syntax highlighting, the Node Package Manager (NPM) support and Node-centric debugging and testing. It already supports one-click deployment to Joyent and to Microsoft Azure, so one-click deploys to Node.js PaaSes is a logical next feature.

Cloud9 has also been supporting the Node.js community by hosting the tutorial blog and the documentation site

Here’s my interview with Cloud9’s Tim Caswell on learning Node.js:

Disclosure: VMware paid for my travel and accommodations to attend the Cloud Foundry event.