Pinterest Goes to Amazon, BBM Friends Facebook and Twitter

You know what I love about the Internet and everything on it?  It never fails to surprise me.   Companies are always innovating, coming up with new products or enhancing their products and services for consumer appeal.  And the most social of web users will be very glad at these recent updates, which include Pinterest buttons on Amazon’s website.

RIM updates apps with BBM

Research in Motion just ironed out the kerfuffle they had over sideloading Android apps for the BlackBerry PlayBook, and aside from adding extra security measures on the next PlayBook update, they’re also upgrading their Facebook and Twitter apps for BlackBerry smartphones for BBM integration.

The update will allow users to share status updates and chat with their BBM contacts from inside the apps via a “Share with BBM” button.  The BlackBerry travel app will also have the BBM integration so you can easily share your whereabouts to your BBM contacts.  The 3.0 update will start rolling out in the next 10 days.

Amazon reaches more people with Pinterest

Online retailer Amazon is trying a new strategy to entice more people to use their service and gather more consumer data on purchasing intent: they’ve integrated Pinterest to their service.  So aside from sharing Amazon products via e-mail, Facebook, and Twitter, shoppers can now share on Pinterest.

Pinterest, the online pinboard that lets users organize and share photos of the things they love, recently updated their terms of service and dealt with the growing number of spammers on their service, as it tries to keep up with astounding growth and the development of a true business model.

You can’t deny how huge the impact of Pinterest is on businesses.  Recent studies showed that women trust product reviews from social networking sites such as Pinterest and Facebook.  So the Pinterest integration on Amazon is expected to drive more consumers on their site, and power more recommendations.

YouTube offers pay-per-view

In celebration of YouTube Live’s first birthday, YouTube launched some new features including Wirecast, new publishing flows and real-time analytics, and pay-per-view, for their partners.

Wirecast allows partners to produce and stream professional-looking live events directly to YouTube from their desktop.  The new software allows capture and switching between multiple video and audio sources, roll in of media files and images and add live effects and overlays.

The new guided flow will allow you to preview live events before you set them to go live.  and the addition of real-time analytics provides insight as to how many viewers are tuning in, or how many times your video had been viewed.  But the feature people are most excited about is the ability to monetize your videos.  Users can either earn through ads or by pay-per-view or paid programming.