ServiceMesh, VMware Partner for Cloud Foundry/vFabric App Delivery

Cloud application management solution provider ServiceMesh took today’s VMware Cloud Foundry one-year anniversary event as an opportunity to announce that it now supports the open source Cloud Foundry platform-as-a-service (PaaS) and the VMware vFabric application platform. The end goal: Helping enterprises leverage DevOps methodologies to reap the benefits of a shorter development cycle and lower management costs.

The ServiceMesh Agility Platform, the company’s flagship product, is designed to boost the business value of the cloud by securing, managing and governing applications across hybrid cloud environments. With this integration, ServiceMesh and VMware’s mutual customers can manage and scale their Cloud Foundry instances and vFabric application topologies under the watchful eye of ServiceMesh’s policy-based platform (metaphorically speaking).

For ServiceMesh, this deal broadens the Agility Platform’s developer appeal – the more platforms supported, the better. And ServiceMesh isn’t one to shy away from supporting open cloud technologies: In the fall of 2012, ServiceMesh announced support for OpenStack. And by extending governance and security policies to applications running on Cloud Foundry over the entire software development lifecycle, ServiceMesh sees itself as boosting the platform’s enterprise appeal.

In his presentation here today at VMware headquarters, CTO Stephen Herrod gave a lot of lip service to what he called the “multi-cloud” focus of Cloud Foundry. By keeping the doors of Cloud Foundry wide open to its ecosystem partners, the PaaS can ensure that customers can take their workloads to any cloud they’d like.

And with ServiceMesh boasting that it can now help Cloud Foundry developers lower TCO with hybrid clouds and ensure application topology portability between cloud platforms, it’s no wonder why Herrod chose to highlight this announcement.