LoJack for Android Tablets Tops Latest Apps List for Business Users

This week’s featured app is a new arrival to Android. The developer behind the LoJack laptop tracking utility announced a new product that replicates the same functionality to Android tablets. The ability to track, wipe and even freeze a stolen handset are all included, as well as an interesting little failsafe that distinguishes the app quite effectively.


Computrace Mobile is the device-tracking app for Android tablets developed by Absolute Software. The feature set is pretty standard, with the one exception. The mobile version is installed on a device’s recovery firmware so that reinstalling the operating system won’t delete it, automatically re-enabling the chase.

Tasks is a Google Tasks client for Android, with a few extra features put in by the developer such as reminders and widgets. Optimized for Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich and available on Android tablets, Tasks offers a deeply integrated experience for a native look and feel. It’s available for free or in a paid edition.


ProSelect HD for Good Technologies is an enterprise-grade client that lets the user access World, Excel and PowerPoints files on the corporate network. It’s essentially a combination of three different tools and some necessary enhancements such as a particularly long password.

Pointer is a fairly simple app that connects your iPad to a monitor of any sort or a projector to allow for slideshows. It adds to that the fact the user’s finger can be used as a pointer via the tablet, making  things a bit easier overall in terms of preparation.

Project Planning is exactly what it sounds like, and luckily originality is not a criterion for this app category. It compensates for that though with a powerful interface that features document import and export, sync with a number of services that can come in handy on the go and several other things.