HP Offering Outsourced Social Media Analytics and Management Services

The social enterprise continues to dominate the business services discussion, as evidenced by this week’s launch of HP Social Enterprise Services, a portfolio designed to help customers deploy and benefit from big data analytics-driven CRM solutions. In fact, HP will even handle your social media presence for you.

These new offerings are a natural extension of HP’s existing call center services, HP CRM czar Dennison DeGregor says. Many organizations are already monitoring social media for general brand sentiment, but that’s only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to turning customer relationships into revenue. HP’s secret sauce here is analytics.

HP Social Enterprise Services leverages technologies from HP Labs, as well as subsidiaries Vertica and Autonomy, to get deeper insights into customer behavior – in turn, converting customer chatter into sales and revenue.

A good example comes from what DeGregor refers to as HP’s ability to separate the wheat from the chaff in the blogosphere: 70 percent of all content out there is spam, and of the 30 percent that’s left, only 2 percent is probably actually relevant. HP’s social media experts can make use of the analytics platform and reap the appropriate insights. The benefit for the customer is the ability to quickly and efficiently communicate with customers across channels, as well as keep an ear to the ground for changing customer requirements and other trends.

HP Agent Services (the outsourcing component of HP Social Enterprise Services) and HP Social Media Analysis (the analytics component) are available separately. But together, HP boasts that customers can keep pace with the ever-shifting world of social media and gain a major competitive edge over those who aren’t getting the most from their data.

In the future, DeGregor says, it’s going to be important to help COOs and CIOs recognize the importance of a social media roadmap. Dollars spent now can result in a huge ROI, and quickly. HP contact center customers who’ve already made the move into social enterprise services have already begun to see the benefits.

“They’re running, and seeing the results,” DeGregor reports.