Google Drive Gives Businesses Another Reason not to Invest in IT


A study by Parallels Software found that 45% of small businesses do not have an IT department.

Google just gave those companies another good reason why they will continue to do just fine without an IT department. It’s also a wake up call for the enterprise technology companies that are still lagging in offering self-serve services. Where is IBM? What is HP offering that matches  this kind of service? Oracle gets some credit but the investments required with Oracle are tremendous.

Google took six years to launch Google Drive while the enterprise stood there and waited. Now what?

Google is taking an “app first,” approach, which is similar to what we see from Amazon Web Services and its new marketplace.

Accenture published a report this week that explores how companies can move from traditional offerings to anything-as-service (XaaS). They cited self-service as a core aspect of what companies need to consider. It means a wholesale change to the way business is conducted and technology is deployed.

Google Drive may not be “enterprise grade,” but it is symbolic of  a self-service approach that enterprise companies will have to consider if they wish to remain relevant in a post-IT world.