NetApp Adds Data-Awareness to Storage Software

NetAppNetApp upgraded its SANtricity software, used to power its E-Series storage systems, with a few new features generously seasoned with big data compatibility.  Channel partners are the main focus of this announcement.

The additions to SANtricity include technology that the company refers to Dynamic Disk Pools, or DDP.  It’s a recovery tool that the storage solutions maker claims is no less than eight times speedier at amending drive failures than traditional RAID, and reduces the performance impact on end users caused by such a malfunction to about 40 percent.

NetApp is also introducing something called SANtricity Snapshot, which is exactly what its name suggests. It supports ‘more frequent’ scheduling of snapshots, increasing availability and adding another layer of data protection on top of DDP.

There are three additional new functions added to the NetApp E-Series.  vStorage APIs for Array Integration are now supported, meaning VMware virtualization can be better integrated into the hardware, and thin-provisioning.  There’s also standardized LUN ownership that saves admins’ time by eliminating the need to individually configure each and every controller; the function automates load balancing as well.

“As drive sizes grow, our customers rely on SGI to stay ahead of the curve with storage technology to ensure the highest level of data integrity,” says Jose Reinoso, vice president of Storage Engineering at channel partner SGI.  “By incorporating NetApp’s DDP as an option into the SGI InfiniteStorage 5500 and 5000 platforms, customers are able to leverage protection and utilization advantages over traditional RAID architectures, effectively making storage worry free.”

NetApp is all about expanding OEM relations these days. Today it issued a festive press release together with Acclaro to celebrate the two year anniversary of its partnership with the translation agency, which provides the localization for NetApp’s storage solutions.