HP Cloud Services Sees Massive Adoption Just in Time for Beta

Hewlett-Packard’s HP Cloud Services have officially entered public beta – exactly as promised a month ago, when SiliconANGLE’s Alex Williams analyzed the news to see how the hardware giant plans to take on AWS.

Cloud Services is fairly new and offers a very limited product line that reflects HP’s progression at this stage.   HP Cloud Compute, HP Cloud Object Storage and HP Cloud Content Delivery Network are based on an hourly billing model, and provide exactly what the titles specify: virtual servers, object storage and a CDN to optimize the speed in which a web page or application is delivered to the user.

What’s just as notable as the actual release is the sheer number of third party vendors that have decided to jump on the bandwagon – TwinStrata, Riverbed, StorSimple and a whole line up of other companies announced support this week.  And there’s a couple that stand out from the crowd.

Panzura, the Google Storage-powered rising star in the cloud industry, integrated its flagship platform with HP Cloud Services. The goal is to make its offering more viable to a broader range of uses; that is the kind that Hewlett-Packard’s new suite was designed to support.

In turn Chef developer OpsCode is making the commercial versions of the popular open source SI framework available on Cloud Services, and ActiveState promptly came out with a release of its own as well.

ActiveState became a supporter of HP’s IaaS about five months ago, and it’s now reaffirming its position with Stackato v1.2. The latest release of the PaaS was rolled out just over a week ago and has already been incorporated with support for yet another cloud.

“ActiveState enjoys a mutually-beneficial alliance with HP for HP Cloud Services,” said Bart Copeland, CEO of ActiveState. “Stackato’s support for HP Cloud Services reinforces our vision of delivering ‘cloud control’ to support any underlying infrastructure, benefitting enterprise developers and IT/DevOps with the flexibility and deployment options they demand.”