Dysonics Gets $750K in Seed Funding for Audio Kinect

Dysonics is a young startup with strong roots in academia that claims it can set a new standard for consuming audio via mobile devices, and Rawah Partners was willing to bet $750,000 on this promise.  The seed financing was announced a few days ago is a big milestone for the company, which is gearing up for the production of its first commercial solutions.

Dysonics started as one of the initiatives in UC Davis’s startup incubator, also known as the Engineering Translational Technology Center.  It was founded by two Ph.Ds, Ralph Algazi and Richard Duda, together with Robert Delton, and is officially the first startup that rolled out of ETTC.  The technology behind it all is designed to deliver so-called three-dimensional sound over headphones–it’s a fancy way of saying ‘more immersive,’ but it was convincing enough for at least one VC to jump aboard at such an early stage.

Here’s a more detailed explanation of Dysonics’ vision in the words of one of the founders.

““The experience of hearing sound involves more than reproducing some acoustic vibrations at their source,” Dr. Algazi said. “The shape of the head and ears, motion of the listener, and the acoustics of the  room all play a role in the experience.” Dr. Algazi’s research has explored how to capture and reproduce these nuances, for a more realistic, immersive listening experience.”

Content providers are facing rising pressure to find new ways of delivering users greater quality media, and it’s not just the familiar names that are pushing this angle. Samsung acquired mSpot a few days ago to help promote this very same goal: becoming more competitive by implementing cloud streaming services in a more effective way across its mobile portfolio.