DDN Jumps on Open Compute Bandwagon with Object Scaler

Data-driven storage provider DataDirect Networks revealed its official admission to the Open Compute Project: Web Object Scaler is now certified to run Open Compute server and storage systems.

OCJ is an initiative conceived by Facebook to promote more efficient data center hardware, based for the most part on designs the social network came up with for its own specific needs.  It has actually been picking up quite a bit of momentum lately, and DDN’s update represents the latest milestone.

DDN’s Web Object Scaler is a solution that handles the process of managing a cloud that’s spread across multiple geographical locations.  WOS acts as a sort of middleman, ingesting data and funneling it to the different facilities connected to the system, while tossing in high performance and scalability for added value.  According to DDN the software can  distribute as much a 55 billion objects per day, and can scale up to an Exabyte worth of storage across all locations combined.

It’s all about scale: Facebook’s stripped-down, ultra efficient servers that today form an integral part of Open Compute, have been designed with massive workloads in mind. Object Scaler in turn happens to compliment the sort of large-scale deployments that can support that kind of stress.

“Historically, there has not been an industry movement around standardizing and driving the adoption of mass-market hyperscale hardware technology,” said Jean-Luc Chatelain, Executive Vice President of Strategy and Technology, DDN. “The Open Compute movement allows us to harness the power of crowd-sourced hardware design and a highly optimized supply chain to drive the best value for our customers.”

DDN is not new to breaking boundaries. Last month we learned that the company is providing the storage to power what will soon become the world’s most powerful telescope.