Geoloqi API and Dev Kit Launching on Titanium

Geoloqi is an embedded solution that lays down the ground work for just about any location-based service, whether it’s a Foursquare clone or an enterprise app.  And today the platform reached a very significant milestone – it’s now an add-on in Titanium 2.0.

Appcelerator unveiled the second generation of its popular web-based mobile development environment just a month ago, rolling out new features to automate backend configuration and add more cloud capabilities to the mix. And it’s having no trouble attracting third party developers to the ecosystem, as Geoloqi may prove to be a big asset in the long run.

The API and toolkit that the company provides have a lot to offer to developers. Both have been optimized to take a minimal toll on a device’s battery, and Geoloqi can automatically transit from one data source to another. Some additional features have been incorporated as well: one such addition arrives in the form of templates for customizable geo-triggered events, such as an ad activating whenever a user crosses a pre-defined geofence.

In addition, the technology now runs smoother in the background and for the first time, also features analytics  capabilities.

“Appcelerator customers have been asking for a true, dependable geolocation solution and location-based analytics platform, and we found one in Geoloqi,” said Jeff Haynie, CEO of Appcelerator. “It’s the first geolocation platform that enables individualized geo-triggered events within an application. This powerful toolkit is an essential addition to our app development marketplace, and we’re excited to offer Geoloqi technology to our customers.”

It’s been a very exciting new week overall for location-based services as far as mobile app development goes.  A few days ago Brave River launched Mobeo, a web-based application that realizes a similar concept and also provides an added degree of customization to clients.