Apple Buys Redmatica – First Move of Their ‘Secrecy’ Era?


Unofficially substantiated rumors abound today that Apple has bought Redmatica, an Italian music app developer.   These reports follow Apple CEO Tim Cook’s widespread discussions at the Wall Street Journal D10 conference, loaded with promises of ‘incredible’ products, and a glimpse of Cook’s role as CEO.  The move is in contrast to Cook’s statements that no major acquisitions were planned, and appears to be a strategic play to augment their pro audio features and offerings.   Cook is quoted as talking about “doubling down” on secrecy, adding

“We buy companies We don’t like to make it public. It depends on the amount. If I don’t have to, I won’t.”

Redmatica specializes in audio software tools that include sampling, editing and library management.   The products will likely be integrated into Apple’s pro audio offerings while the existing products Logic Pro and GarageBand integrate Redmatica’s features.   It will be interesting to note how soon the development crew will integrate into the company’s software development team and the eventual results start to become available.

Neither the startup nor Apple have confirmed any details as of yet, with the news coming from an Italian blog Fanpage.  Details discovered by the site found the Italian communications regulator AGCOM approved the deal earlier in the week.

As Apple is constantly reinventing, particularly now in the post-Jobs era, it can probably be expected that this is the first of a number of strategic acquisitions that could extend into Mac, IOS, iPhone, Apple TV or any number of existing, evolving, or even upcoming products.  It seems that Apple is getting interesting again and the ‘double down’ on secrecy will no doubt lead to countless theories, but more importantly indicate a surge of activity that undoubtedly will produce significant news in the business.