Angel Caller Tops This Week’s Best BYOD Apps for iPad, Android

This week’s top app is the new Angel Caller First Analytics client for the iPad. The mobile software supplements Angel’s other call center solutions and allows workers to access call-in data on the go.


Angel Caller First Analytics

Caller First is a call center analytics app that offers much more than a stripped-down means of accessing BI software remotely. Users can customize their app and choose what data to display, whether it’s usage, performance issues or the call historically of any individual customer.


SugarSync is one of the more popular personal cloud storage services out there, and that can be credited to any number of things that it manages to do right. It lets the user sync files or data to any folder in their main computer, and features remote control capabilities that cover more access, organization and sharing options. Offline viewing and media streaming are also included, among other things.

Minute Mate

Minute Mate is a neat organization app that’s meant for professionals, and offers enough features to live up to this depiction. It lets you take notes, categorize them, take pictures and categorize those too. There’s also password protection, backup, iTunes sync, a built-in drawing board for on-the-fly doodles and the ability to take voice memos.


JotterPad HD

JotterPad is a writing app optimized for Android tablets that puts a big emphasis on reducing the fluff to a minimum. There are two modes for writing in different lighting conditions, Dropbox integration, the fact you can group documents and other things more than make up for the lack of excessive buzzwords in the description.


MotoPrint is a fairly simplistic printing application for Xoom users that does what is it expected to well. You can connect to a digital printer over WiFi and produce printer versions of documents and  pictures.