Permabit Hires New VP of Sales

Permabit is the company behind the Albireo deduplication software that’s touted as being miles ahead of the competition in terms of speed – a claim that is backed up by several studies over the course of recent years.

As of right now Permabit is an OEM supplier, working with enterprises to build data efficient technologies. This will be a growing area of focus for the company as it brings in a new Senior VP of Sales to scale out its OEM sales and delivery organizations.

“Permabit is now ready to take the next step and ramp up for broader adoption and sales in 2012,” reads an official statement from Neal Civjan in a release that went out earlier this week.   Civjan has been appointed as Permabit’s new senior vice president of sales and business development – his resume includes a very strong track record of successfully nurturing business ventures. Perhaps most notable is that Civjan played a very big role role in transforming Java into what it is today, and now he’s been hired to achieve something similar for his new employer.

“I am joining Permabit at a very exciting time for the company,” said Civjan. “Having already introduced innovative, game-changing data optimization technology for leading OEMs, Permabit is now ready to take the next step and ramp up for broader adoption and sales in 2012. With data growth running at unprecedented levels and growing demand to reduce operating costs, Permabit provides the right solution, at the right time, that can meet the ever-evolving needs from the smallest to largest enterprises.

The previous update from Permabit can be traced back to earlier this month, when it released an SDK for the academia. And before that, the company announced a partnership with StoneFly.