Google Glass Gets Gutsy Demo by Sergey at I/O 2012

Google Glass live demo at Google I/O 2012

During Google I/O’s keynote this morning  Google co-founder Sergey Brin interrupted the Google+ product demo to run a demo of his own: Google Glass.  The connected spectacles first made their appearance when Brin wore them to an event party several weeks ago, and they’ve raised all sorts of questions about Google’s plans for connected devices ever since.  In a surpsingly bold move on day 1 of the I/O event, Brin had a team of sky jumpers, equipped with Google Glasses, literally fly into Moscone Center for a live demonstration of how these glasses work.

The keynote is now going into detail about the Glasses, including Google’s goals for the latest in their prototype.  No details yet as to when the Glasses will be commercially available.

What today’s demonstration does is show the world what Google has in mind for the world of connected devices: an ever-present mechanism for capturing any form of data across any point of interaction.  The Glasses are powered by a hearty CPU (details not provided), and are equipped with a speaker, microphone, display lens, GPS and camera for taking photos or recording video.  The idea is to be able to send and receive information while still connecting you to the greater “mind” of the web.

Considering Google’s other devices announced during I/O’s keynote this morning, including the Nexus 7 tablet and the Nexus Q home audio system, it’s clear that Google is crafting a home-grown device strategy to capture more of consumers’ activity and loyalty.   The question remains whether or not Google will be able to put out a successfully integrated line of devices that connects its services with the same quality and fluidity as Apple.