Google to Unveil Their Own Tablet with Android Jelly Bean Today?

Today’s mobile news roundup features Apple being granted preliminary injunction in the US, Google’s expected plans to unveil a Kindle Fire competitor, and Breezy’s unveiling of print functionality for mobile apps.

Apple granted injunction, Galaxy Tab 10.1 banned in the US

Judge Lucy Koh finally granted the preliminary injunction Apple filed against Samsung over the “blatant copying” of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 on the iPad.  Though some argued that this would result in fewer choices for consumers, Judge Koh stated that Samsung cannot flood the market with products that resemble other companies’ products.

Apple needs to pay a bond of $2.6 million to cover potential damages if the court decides to trash this ruling.  The bond is also needed for the preliminary injunction to take effect.

Google to take on Amazon with Kindle Fire rival

According to an Asustek executive, Google will soon unveil a tablet to compete with Amazon’s Kindle Fire.  The Google tablet is co-branded with Asustek.

“It’s targeting Amazon. The Kindle is based on Google’s platform but with its own service, so Google has to launch its own service, too,” said the executive of the device.

It’s possible that the tablet unveiling will happen today at this year’s Google I/O and could possibly be the launch device for Android Jelly Bean.

Speaking of Jelly Bean, Google finally unveiled the sculpture for the upcoming mobile operating software.  If you still haven’t figured it out, Android’s versions are based on alphabetically ordered, scrumptious treats such as Cupcake, Donut, Eclair, Froyo, Gingerbread, Honeycomb, and Ice Cream Sandwich.  Here are some photos to tickle your tastebuds: spilled beans and upright.

Breezy unveils Print Button

Breezy, the mobile printing platform, has launched the Breezy Button, a dynamic tool for developers to integrate print functionality into iOS and Android apps.  When the Breezy Button is incorporated in an app, it eliminates the numerous steps needed for users to print directly from their mobile device.

“We already offer our apps on every major mobile platform, but we don’t want to be just another printing app — we want to be the print infrastructure inside all the other apps,” said Jared Hansen, CEO of Breezy. “Developers can now offer their users secure, reliable printing within their own apps, and users can finally enjoy the type of productivity they’ve always expected from their mobile devices.”

Key features of the Breezy platform include:

  • Cross-platform and device-agnostic compatibility
  • Best-in-class mobile security and protection
  • Enterprise-ready management and scalability
  • World’s largest fully secured network of printing locations
  • Easy-to-use mobile apps and integrations