VMware Acquiring DynamicOps To Up the Cloud Game – Price > $100m

VMware buys multi-cloud manager DynamicOps, a Burlington, Mass developer of software that handles the provisioning and managing of resources for cloud services. Amount was for an undisclosed sum. Rumblings on Twitter say it’s well over $100 million.

DynamicOps, Inc. originated as a spinoff of Credit Suisse’s IT unit and has raised around $20m in financing.

VMware has been rapidly expanding the reach of its vCloud platform, as it tries to stay a step ahead of Microsoft, Citrix, Red Hat, and other cloud infrastructure software rivals.

DynamicOps is a provider of cloud automation solutions that enable provisioning and management of IT services across heterogeneous environments — VMware-based private and public clouds, physical infrastructures, multiple hypervisors and Amazon Web Services.

Terms of the acquisition were not announced. The acquisition is scheduled to close in Q3 2012 subject to customary closing conditions.

DynamicOps builds on the capabilities of vCloud Director by enabling customers to consume multi-cloud resources (e.g., physical environments, Hyper-V- and Xen-based hypervisors, and Amazon EC2). DynamicOps’ policy-based service governor capabilities automate and control how applications and users are provisioned across physical and heterogeneous cloud infrastructure resources.

“VMware and DynamicOps share a common vision for dramatically simplifying the management and provisioning of IT resources in the Cloud era,” said Rich Krueger, CEO, DynamicOps. “I’m excited about DynamicOps joining VMware, and expect our customers to benefit from increased investment and support in the solutions they rely on to optimize their delivery of IT-as-a-service.”

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The question now is: who’ll replace DynamicOps for those customers that don’t want a full VMware cloud stack.

#VMware acquires DynamicOps < Great move for VMware.

VMware aquires DynamicOps. DO website hammered due to interest. Hopefully they’re not running it on AWS US-East….

VMware to Acquire DynamicOps http://t.co/szlII9Ee

Vendors are coming out of the wood works to poo poo AWS and then VMware acquires DynamicOps…? < Coincidence

VMware is acquirng Burlington-based DynamicOps. Cloud company had been spun out of Credit Suisse, and raised ~$16M

Ha! I think #VMware is a little late to the party with DynamicOps, but at least they realize the need for heterogeneous infra…

Major uptick in M&A for management software that runs clouds

VMware snatches DynamicOps, Getting seriously into cloud automation

VMware seems to say they will persist some level of heterogeneous support with DynamicOps -Will be interesting to see

Heterogeneous automation is huge – I’ve been calling this for months

Dell $buys Quest. VMware buys DynamicOps. Just watch – Dell will go buy @ScienceLogic and $VMW will buy SolarWinds

@herrod: We welcome @DynamicOps to @VMware – Interesting mention of vFabric

It’s two things. 1) vCD (VMWare Cloud Director) is shite. 2) private clouds are where it’s at vmware’s market. Of course it is

Multi-Hypervisor Mgmt is a must folks. The hypervisor is a trivial piece in the Cloud puzzle & #VMware will not own the entire stack