Video Program: Impact of Big Data – Crossing the Chasm – Geoffrey Moore Keynote & Interview

Geoffrey Moore of Mohr Davidow Ventures and author of many books including Crossing the Chasm, Inside the Tornado, and Inside the Fault Line, delivered the keynote at the Hadoop Summit 2012.

Hadoop is the main platform for big data and Hortonworks was the producer of this developer conference. Thanks to Hortonworks for putting on the event.

Hadoop Summit 2012 Keynote by Geoffrey Moore

1:1 Interview with John Furrier – Founder of SiliconANGLE

Moore also took time to talk with John Furrier and Jeff Kelly on

Note: More footage available from Hadoop Summit at

Silicon Valley is a unique place and Geoffrey Moore has seen many cycles of innovation.   I really enjoyed this interview because I’ve read most of his books and he brings a perspective that is relevant to the massive trend in Cloud Mobile and Social that we are covering at

As Steve Jobs says there are 4 things that make Silicon Valley a special place:

1.  Role Models:  in Silicon Valley there are role models for entrepreneurs to emulate and to be there for advice and support.

2. Universities – Stanford and Berkley:  Stanford and Berkley drive lots of fresh new ideas and talent.  The human capital needed to keep the innovation cycles moving.

3. Financial infrastructure:  the money that is flowing for risk capital is here in the valley and the profile of the investors are such that they reward risk.  More importantly the Silicon Valley best investors don’t mind funding the “lunatic fringe” verse the main stream “me too” ideas.  Note: Steve Jobs was characterized as a lunatic by the most prolific investor at the time, Don Valentine of Sequoia Capital.

4. Bee Hive Effect:  the fact that their is a concentration of engineers and talent in an around the same geography makes it easier to recruit the less risk averse talent to leave their more stable jobs.