Mobile Monday News: Apple-Samsung Case Called “Ridiculous” by Aussie Judge

Today’s mobile news roundup features the following: the Samsung and Apple battled dubbed ridiculous by Aussie court; Apple’s stunted growth; Permanent iPhone unlock for AT&T subscribers; Intel not porting Android for Clover Trail tablets; and more.

Samsung-Apple case Dubbed ridiculous by Aussie judge

Samsung and Apple’s three-month trial regarding patent infringement began in Australia today.  But none of them are being favored by the court when Federal Court Justice Annabelle Bennett, the judge overseeing the case, stated that the case was ridiculous and the two should just mediate to solve their legal issues.

“Why on earth are these proceedings going ahead?” Bennett asked the lawyers in court today. “It’s just ridiculous.”

According to Samsung’s lawyers, Apple refuses to pay for a licensing fee in using technology that allows for multitasking, while Apple’s lawyers stated that Samsung refused to take their money.

“Why shouldn’t I order the parties to mediation?” the judge asked the two companies.  Apple and Samsung have until before the end of the week to come up with valid reasons as to why they should battle things in court.

Apple’s sees slow sales

Apple is expected to release their quarterly report tomorrow and analysts are expecting the company to report 35% profit increase to $9.86 billion while sales are expected to see a 31% to $37.3 billion.  Though the expected numbers are impressive, it would mark their lowest gain since 2009.

The reason for their stunted gain is that people are anxious to get the latest device when it hits the market.  Since the iPhone 4S was released last year, Apple fanbois are now waiting for the release of the next gen iPhone.  According to some, people trade-in their new smartphones four to six months after they acquire it to prepare for the next big thing.  Apple’s gains are expected to boost come fourth quarter or the first quarter of 2013.

Hot to unlock your AT&T iPhone permanently

Online parts seller and iPhone unlock solutions provider Apple N Berry just released what they say is a permanent unlock solution for AT&T iPhone users.  The problem with most available iPhone unlock solutions is when Apple releases a new iOS as there’s a possibility that the unlock solution won’t stick.

Apple N Berry released the AT&T iPhone IMEI Unlock.  For $150, subscribers get to experience permanent unlocking without the need for a Turbo SIM or jailbreaking the device.  It claims that the unlock will hold even if the device is upgraded to a new iOS.  When the solution is applied, Apple N Berry claims that you can use your AT&T iPhone on any GSM network worldwide – if not, your money will be returned.

Intel not focusing on Android for Clover Trail tablets

Intel is currently working with various OEMs in creating Clover Trail tablets that will be released later this year.  Though Intel is a big backer of Android, there’s no news yet as to whether there will be Android-based Clover Trail tablets, since those tablets are purposely built for Windows 8.  But Intel is working closely with Google in order to make the Android platform fit for Intel smartphones and tablets.

HTC sold back half of Beats share

Over the weekend, the Taiwanese manufacturer HTC made a very puzzling move – they sold back half of Beats shares.  HTC previously acquired 50.1% of Beats Electronics from founder Dr. Dre and CEO Jimmy Iovine.  Now, they sold back 25% of the shares back to Beats but HTC is still the major holder at 25.1%.

Though shareholders may find the move a little unsettling, HTC said in statement that the sale “provides Beats with more flexibility for global expansion while maintaining HTC’s major stake and commercial exclusivity in mobile.”