Cool Cases and Accessories for Your Nexus 7

The Google Nexus 7 is already available for purchase on Google Play for the low price of $199.  Though it’s not as accessible for in-store test runs as the iPad and other iDevices are, SiliconANGLE’s Alton Wahlman believes that it is a better buy than Amazon’s Kindle Fire, which comes in at the same price.  To read more about his review on the Nexus 7, see here.

Should you decide to go with the Nexus 7, here’s some early and very cool accessories to make your experience even better.

Out-of-Print eBook Jackets

This is a Kickstarter project that aims to give people the option of concealing their precious Nexus 7 when needed, but look really cool when in use.  The project will produce covers/casing for various tablets that looks like a hardbound book.  So this is pretty useful when travelling or using your tablet in public spaces, blending in with other print-book readers of yore.


If you’re tired of the conventional tablet cases, like the wannabe Smart Covers, and if you’re a natural-born clutz, iBallz is the perfect case for you.  For a little over $30, you can have a unique Nexus 7 case that also functions as a stand and  shock absorber.

FlexiShield Wave Case

If you ever get tired of the Nexus 7’s rubberized backside, you can always add color to your tablet without adding too much thickness with the FlexiShield Wave case that comes in Pink, Red, Blue, and Purple.  It has an extra grippy surface that prevents the Nexus 7 from accidentally slipping, plus the case is snug fit with cut-outs for all ports and features of the device.

Windshield suction mount

This mount works with tablets with or without sleeves/casings and provides a 2-way angle adjustment.  The purpose of this mount is to help users transform their Nexus 7 to a hands-free GPS device when they driving, or they just want the kids in the back seat to shut up.

iBlason auto-sleep leather case

This case makes your battery last longer, with a setting to turn off or put the device in sleep mode what the leather case is closed, and turn on or wake up when the case is opened.  Plus, it gives you support for both landscape and portrait use.

rooCase capacitive stylus

A lot of people are using the stylus again, even on iPads.  But the problem with a stylus is it’s quite easy to lose, because it doesn’t connect to your tablet.  rooCase just answered stylus-enthusiasts’ prayers, with their capacitive stylus that comes with a convenient cap attachment that can be used with the 3.5 mm audio jack on your tablet.