VMware Buys Log Insight to Analyze the Cloud

VMware is upping its cloud play via a series of acquisitions that the company hopes will help it expand beyond its core virtualization business. The latest in this string of purchases is Log Insight.

The solution is offered by a company called Pattern Insight, and offers admins the capability to get a deeper look into their cloud infrastructure. The software digests machine data to identify and preempt technical issues, and is used by the likes of Intel, Motorola, and Qualcomm.

Terms of the deal were not disclosed, but what we do know is that the deal involves both the technology and the team that developed it. Pattern Insight didn’t disclose how many employees are transferring to VMware.

Pattern Insight founding CEO Spiros Xanthos revealed the news in a blog post that included this snippet:

“We anticipate that the potential of the Log Insight technology will be maximized through this acquisition. VMware is ideally positioned in the middle of two of the most important shifts in IT in the recent years, virtualization and Cloud Computing. It therefore provides the perfect home for Log Insight and the team to continue innovating.”

VMware has invested a lot in non-organic growth lately. Last month it paid over 1.2 billion dollars for Nciria, a maker of network virtualization, a vendor that is positioning itself very well in the accelerating software-defined networking market. The idea behind this is to take proprietary, specialized hardware out of the equation, and in exchange achieve better performance and increased cost efficiency.

Before the Nciria buy VMware acquired DynamicOps, a maker of provisioning management software for cloud environments. Terms of this deal weren’t disclosed either but rumors have it that it was valued at an excess of $100 million.