Infochimps Climbs the Tree of Success with New CEO Jim Kaskade

Infochimps has hired a new CEO, Jim Kaskade, who is no foreigner to data and enterprise. The company feels that he has just the right tools to help the chimps swiftly climb upwards toward big enterprises. Since Infochimps is still pretty new, it only makes sense to hire on a guy with 25 years of experience.

Kaskade has over 10 years of experience as a CEO/senior executive, so he is no newbie to building high-tech products, teams and businesses in cloud computing software. He also has 10 years of experience in developing Big Data.

As of right now, Infochimps has two products out on the market: The Infochimps Platform, which helps build and optimize complex Big Data environments and reduces knowledge needed to build Big Data systems, and the Infochimps Data Marketplace, which offers around 15,000 data sets from 200 providers of public and proprietary data sets for download and API access. The data sets have serviced dating site OKCupid’s questions and answers as well as assisting Northern Ireland Neighborhood Service Info.

The Infochimps Data Marketplace organizes the data that the platform pulls from the web in a database management system and then processes it in an on-demand version of Hadoop. What makes Infochimps’ heart beat is Ironfan, which connects all of the platform’s components, which makes it easier to schedule and control workflow.

Infochimps is looking to make data easily accessible for companies while helping them understand their data, which only makes sense because Big Data applications are all about combining large amounts of data.

“We make data more usable and more valuable — through tools and systems to manage and access data, and Big Data expertise,” according to reports.

We don’t expect Infochimps to be anything except successful and with Kaskade’s new addition, the startup Big Data company couldn’t ask for a better addition to accelerate their development.