CumuLogic Adds Supports for HP Cloud Services

CumuLogic is a relatively new player in the PaaS space. The company announced its enterprise Java platform just a few months ago, with support for vSphere and Citrix CloudStack on launch. A few months later CumuLogic rolled out the finalized 1.0 release of Application Platform and as of this week customers can deploy it on HP Cloud Services.

The cloud service provider is getting more aggressive with its efforts to draw enterprise users. HP Cloud Services customers are getting a 30-day trial of the company’s platform-as-a-service before they commit to the monthly subscription fee, a fixed rate of $200 per developer.

“Organizations that are looking for an enterprise-class public cloud for new application development and for migrating existing applications can now access HP’s public cloud infrastructure with the CumuLogic PaaS. CumuLogic with HP Cloud Services deliver the features and performance required by enterprise developers to develop and scale cloud-based applications,” said CumuLogic President and CEO Mike Soby.

While CumuLogic is busy making its offering more accessible to enterprises, other PaaS providers are competing over the individual developer, and Engine Yard, a popular platform for Ruby and PHP applications, recently added support for Node.js to open up its platform for the language’s rapidly growing user community. Node.js is an attractive alternative to more traditional server-side languages because it’s more accessible for front-end developers, and packs a number of other unique features on top of that.

The same week that Engine Yard updated its platform, Amazon announced Python support for Elastic Beanstalk.  Python doesn’t match up to Node.js in terms of hype, but it also has a very lively community that will now happily pay Amazon to automate application deployment, load balancing and monitoring.