ShareFile Tops This Week’s iPad Business App Roundup

The latest edition of Citrix’s ShareFile enterprise collaboration app made it to the top of this week’s roundup of business apps for your iPad and Android tablets. The company rolled out several new powerful features for both admins and end users that significantly improve the service: these include more control over users’ data, an offline mode and integration with Quickoffice.



As I mentioned above, Citrix added a lot of value to ShareFile with the latest update. Admins now have access to a feature that lets them enforce data exportation policies, and this is coupled by a new security mechanism that generates a log after a remote swipe informing the user which files were accessed.

In addition, users can now access files offline and edit Office documents in Quickoffice.

Blueprint Boardpad 2

Blueprint Boardpad is an executive dashboard that makes full use of the iPad’s wide-screen to important display data and documents during meetings. Blueprint comes with offline support and a very simplified UI that makes sure the user can access data when they need to. There are also built-in security capabilities such as remote deletion and document scheduling to make sure that information is only viewed by those who need to.


MediaPlace is an enterprise version of YouTube. It’s purpose built to display company videos in one place, enables you to download individual clips, and features all the standard stuff from such as playlists, subscriptions and social features including comments and rating. The app couples specialized features with an interface that the user is most likely already familiar with.



Pocket is a lot like MediaPlace in certain regards. The app acts as a media hub that lets you aggregate not only videos but also articles and web pages, all of which can be synced across multiple devices. Read It Later  can log in using their existing username and password, and the layout keeps everything simple enough to justify the effort of saving content for later view.

PDaNet Tablet

PDaNet is a fairly straight-forward utility app that connects the user’s tablet to the internet via their mobile phone. Setting things up is a fairly simple process, more than worth the trouble for users that want to browse the web and gain access to content on the go.