VerifyCloud Protects Mobile Data for the Enterprise at the Storage Level

The trend towards a greater mobility technology infrastructure, higher levels of digitization for content, faster implementation of technology services and the continuous availability expectations of service-level apps are coming together, driving increased interest in mobile data management storage solutions.

Given the increasing use of mobile devices for personal and professional matters, it’s more difficult for businesses and end users to obtain a comfortable level of control. Companies need more than ever to secure and manage these devices, and the information they contain.

Protecting the cloud

EvidencePix Systems Inc., the provider of secure mobile media service for enterprises, launched a backend data management storage solution VerifyCloud, which protect and manage visual data and media files for the sharing of visual assets required for documentation purposes.

The storage solution that works with the mobile app VerifyPro enables companies to capture, send, store and manage media files through a highly secure and streamlined system.

As more enterprises and even government agencies rely on smartphones, VerifyCloud solution addresses security needs of multi-purpose photographic evidence such as reporting and auditing, proof of compliance, inspection reports and verification of liability transfer.

The system provides permission-based controls, secure SSH protocol, password protection and GeoTrust SSL123 encryption, and effective document management for administrators, thus keeping all the data in the cloud securely.

“The smartphone has become a powerful tool for mobile workers, as it’s easier than ever to snap and send pictures. However, this ease of use presents new management and workflow challenges for those companies and government agencies that must deal with chain of custody and legal compliance,” explained Ray Sobol, EvidencePix President and Chairman.

“Combining VerifyPro and the new VerifyCloud gives these organizations an easy way to make sure that all data is handled securely and professionally, while still making sure they get maximum value from their data assets and new mobile workflows,” Sobol added.

VerifyCloud also offers pre-templated or custom forms that can be used to create and synchronize document files between a mobile device and cloud. With these forms, companies can submit invoices, liability transfer, accident reports and safety compliance and improve accuracy by eliminating paper-based systems.

Cloud security for the enterprise

In the case of devices belonging to the enterprise, a standard set of applications and set for mobile devices access rights and usage rules can stringent the BYOD phenomenon and utilization to effectively protect and manage native applications, data and environment of these devices.

According to a report from cloud-based IT services provider, CenterBeam, cloud based mobile device management products are gaining momentum. According to the report, the number of mobile devices under management has increased more than 305 percent as compared to last year during first half of the year, as more companies are moving away from BlackBerry in favor of Android-based and iOS devices.

Symantec is one of the vendors that offer cross-platform solutions for managing mobile applications for the enterprise, and protect sensitive data. The approach allows companies to distribute, secure and manage applications and data transparently, without having to manage devices in their entirety.

AppMobi also recently introduced privateStack, an HTML5-based, app development and cloud services platform for enterprises to develop mobile cloud strategies and business operations, including sales, customer service and operations.