Precog Is a Real Company. Public Beta Launches Today

Precog is an up-and-coming startup named after its budding platform, which combines cloud, integration and big data into one developer service. The solution can be implemented as the the analytical infrastructure for mobile and web applications, as well larger scale back-office systems.

Precog’s taking the next big step towards growing its company, launching its public beta this morning.  Any developer can now get their hands on the API and test how Precog works with their app.

“Where web applications often fall short is in their ability to create meaningful, actionable insight through the deep analysis of the massive volumes of data they are often creating,” said John A. De Goes, CEO of Precog.  “By making it easy for development teams to build advanced big data capabilities into their applications, Precog is powering a new generation of highly sophisticated applications that are poised to unlock the big data puzzle.”

Precog is already touting one big customer – SnapEngage, which sells a web-based tool for customer support agents: the company is using the platform to enable its customers to analyze interactions between website visitors and their support staff.

Precog raised $2 million for its efforts a few months ago, not long after it came out of stealth. The solution is rounded-out data warehousing and analytics solution that can be loaded with both structured and unstructured data; re-packaged, and integrated into practically anything. This has a lot of appeal to developers that can’t afford and or don’t have the talent to run a more full-fledged, in-house environment.

In addition to Precog itself, the startup is also offering ReportGrid, a free HTML5 visualization library that supports mobile devices out of the box. It’s coupled by Labcoat, an IDE for the statistics-oriented Quirrel programming language.