DevOps has Gained So Much Attention. Here’s Why


From the past few years, DevOps has become a hot topic in the entire IT industry. Of course it should be, as it has completely transformed the way collaboration takes place between developers and operations departments in an IT enterprise.

Agile drives an organization, and according to Jens Sørensen at E-cononic TechTalk DevOps is just the next step of Agile. It comes with several components, tools, and processes that benefit and enterprise by forming a closed loop to measure software delivery all the way from inception to customer use. This results in improvement of customer experience by offering improved product quality and a more reliable service and functionality that is more in tune with their needs.

“Adopting the DevOps approach has also made a huge difference for us at e-conomic. We are now much better equipped to be on target with relevant functionality as we have the needed testing, deployment and recovery processes in place. It also means that we can keep our iterations shorter so that we’re able to divide new functionality into smaller tasks that we can complete and deploy allowing us to move on to other work,” says Jens Sørensen at e-conomic.

DevOps is mostly put at work by online service providers to address challenges that are integral to online as opposed to offline service. It automates almost everything, such as deployments and delivery. And automated deployments make it easier to deploy more frequently since we don’t need to think about whether we have the specialized developer resources in place to deploy. In terms of deployment frequency, we can shorten the release cycles so the code from all developer teams is released even more faster. This makes it easier to debug any issues since the deployments are relatively small and makes the deployment itself easier to handle.

Besides, adopting DevOps establishes a culture of measuring and monitoring, and of course taking action when the metrics don’t live up to our expectations. All this benefits an enterprise in one or other way.