Breaking Analysis: Is There Room for an Xbox Tablet in the Mobile Market?

Microsoft may be developing yet another tablet, but this time it’s a gaming tablet. Is there room in the crowded mobile device market for yet another tablet? SiliconANGLE NewsDesk Editor Kristen Nicole believes that there is. She said that gaming is a huge sector, and it’s the type of crowd that is usually eager to adopt new technology. Also, she noted, “Home entertainment & gaming has been lucrative for [Microsoft] so far.”

Although very few specs are available at this time, it is likely it will be a 7″ tablet
and may have an ARM processor with lots of RAM for the best gaming experience. It will probably not be a full Windows device, only having limited functionality to where the user may not be able to access a browser or check email from a browser. Internet connectivity and a chat feature might be included as well. It’s highly likely this tablet will make it into the market, especially with Microsoft’s priority focus being on home entertainment.

There are also rumors circulating that Microsoft is developing a 7″ Xbox tablet, but Microsoft would not confirm this speculation.

Microsoft’s Surface RT tablet is directly competing with Apple’s mini tablet and also has a
higher profit margin that Apple’s mini tablet. Kristen attributed this to Microsoft possibly
having a different strategy than Apple in how they’re manufacturing and distributing their
product. One of the key features of the Surface tablet is its built-in keyboard in the cover,
something Apple is staying away from. She explained, “One thing Microsoft is looking at with their tablet strategy is a certain level of replacement of the PC market. So it’s very important for them to present this as a complete package, and something that you would be able to use in the same manner as you would a laptop or desktop.” See the whole segment with Kristin Feledy and Kristen Nicole on the Morning NewsDesk show.