Millennial Media Team-Up Shines Light on Data-Driven Strategy

Mobile ad platform Millennial Media has stayed ahead of the curve when it comes to incorporating cutting edge technology into their long term strategy.  The foresight has enabled Millennial to build a platform designed for today’s mobile branding needs, with a suite of products and services to target and analyze end users.  Data plays a central role in Millennial’s road to success, and  a new strategic partnership with MediaVest extends analytics capabilities and data-driven assets to their global client base.

According to the partnership, Millennial Media will provide proprietary data sets to MediaVest to beta-test new mobile advertising technology with their clients. Millennial Media will also authorize its “Audience Insight” reports to MediaVest.  The report provides in-depth data for over 600 real world consumer audience categories. MediaVest will leverage the data for Millennial’s clients that include Coca-Cola Company, Comcast, Kraft Foods, Microsoft and Procter & Gamble, to name a few.

The idea is to essentially create a cooperative around data sets to contribute to the optimization of ad spending across both online and offline media.  That means MediaVest clients will get access to full data suite on the Millennial Media advertising platform and will serve as alpha and beta partners in determining products based on real time consumer data.

“MediaVest has been a leader in leveraging data and insights to drive ROI for their clients,” said Marcus Startzel, GM, North American, Millennial Media. “As agencies like MediaVest continue to invest in mobile technology, they will better position clients to capitalize on consumers’ shift to media consumption through mobile channels.”

For example, a brand may target IT decision makers, and while the ads will be served to that group, many of the consumers in that audience will also overlap with other audience groups (i.e. Basketball Fans, Avid Readers, etc.). With Millennial Media reports, brands can see how their campaign performed against these other audiences. In addition, a brand can discover what audiences their message is resonating with and optimize their campaign accordingly, says Marcus Startzel, General Manager Millennial Media, in a blog post.

“The rich data available in mobile will help us to achieve greater insights and results for our clients,” said Amanda Richman, President of Digital, MediaVest. “By leveraging Millennial Media’s data sets, we can accelerate and validate the reach, engagement and ROI of mobile.”

Data-Driven Mobile Advertising

The mobile advertising ecosystem has long been limited to just a handful of incumbents and even fewer independent players.  For the last two to three years, there’s been a wave of start-ups positioning their mobile platforms, anxious to better leverage growing mobile adoption and new options for consumer marketing.

That means mobile ads must better leverage data as part of the learning process, extending that data to brands’ decision-making processes and empowering even more of the marketing professionals involved in a given campaign.

“Data certainly plays an important role in the mobile advertising landscape,” says Startzel.  “From an advertiser’s perspective, the robust data in mobile allows them to accurately target specific audiences and reach consumers that will really move the needle for their brand.

“The combination of location, frequency, content and countless other variables allows us to identify relevant consumers for brands and being able to partner with an agency like MediaVest is a great opportunity for us to share this data with some of the largest companies in the world.”

Millennial Media’s self-service mobile solution, MMedia, is one option that targets mobile application developers, franchises and independent small businesses in crafting a strategic mobile strategy. MMedia campaigns can be setup quickly, giving advertisers access to a dashboard with full control over creativity, target demographics and more.

In addition to traditional mobile targeting methods, MMedia includes built-in hyper-local targeting auto industry-leading service. Advertisers can draw a virtual fence around an area to deliver targeting advertising based on location.

Recent trends indicate that mobile communications are developed in close connection with web communications, as overlap increases and the two become more synonymous.   For example, Thismoment, the enterprise provider of social brand marketing, was one of the leading mobile platforms in the recently concluded Olympics games. Thismoment’s Distributed Engagement Channel (DEC) was used by various brands including Coca-Cola, AT&T, Procter & Gamble and others to showcase their products across various mobile and social media portals including Facebook, YouTube, brand sites, and beyond.