VMware Strikes Mobile Virtualization Partnership with Motorola

VMware started seriously pushing Horizon Mobile at this year’s VMworld conference, when it announced separate agreements with Samsung and LG to pre-install the platform on select devices. This week the company revealed that it started working with Motorola  towards the same goal.

Horizon is a virtualization solution that enables employees to run duel persons on their Android handset: one profile contains a user’s personal apps, while the other one holds the corporate data stored on the device. The two are separated in such a way that enables IT departments to protect critical information without breaching workers’ privacy in the process.

Motorola is piloting the software on the Razr 201M, which will ship with Horizon Mobile in Japan starting December 10. The bundle will be offered as a managed service via Softbank Telecom.

“Almost all devices will have personal content and corporate content (apps and data) no matter who actually paid for the device—corporation or employee,” VMware CTO Sriniavs Krishnamurti wrote in a statement. “So the critical thing is to completely isolate personal from corporate to prevent data leakage and have IT only manage the corporate content.”

The deal with Motorola also represents VMware’s entry into the Asia-Pacific mobile market.

Horizon Mobile is one component of the Horizon Suite, an integrated BYOD toolset that aims to help enterprises protect the corporate network from all angles. This extends beyond securing the data users store locally to several other areas, including file sharing and app delivery.

The offering was debuted under its current name at the company’s annual event in August. It was previously known only as Project Octopus, the internal codename VMware gave to the collaboration solution that serves as the foundation of the suite.