Breaking Analysis: Hitachi Enters SSD Market – Should Intel Be Worried?

Intel, EMC and IBM have all released either hardware or software upgrades this week. Intel has just released its third generation enterprise-class solid state drive series. According to Wikibon Co-Founder and CTO David Floyer, “The latest product has emphasized the MLC technology – it’s normally consumer-grade flash technology but they’ve hardened it and are now able to go up to 800GB in one of their SSD disk drives. That’s a lot of flash in a very small space.”

Hitachi also announced their entry into the SSD market race. They are offering a 400GB drive, with the differentiating factor being the compression. They’ve introduced the ability to compress it by a factor of two to three times, which gives it an effective size of around a
terabyte. The key technology improvements are in the controller itself.

IBM on Tuesday announced the Storwize V3700 storage array, which starts at $11,000 and is one of the lowest-priced storage products the company offers. Floyer said, “What’s nice about it is it preserves the ability to take other storage assets in the data center and virtualize them behind it. They brought that technology right down to the entry market place.” The one thing it doesn’t have at the moment, but Floyer feels certain is on the way, is the Storwize compression capability, but apart from that, it’s a very full functioning array.

This storage array will help companies that have older equipment they don’t want to get rid of by giving them an alternative to throwing out the equipment or having to move the data already stored on that equipment. Ultimately, Floyer says, it will help their return on assets by extending the life of their existing equipment.

EMC has announced a series of software upgrades for eight products in its Documentum content management platform and its Captiva document capture software line. These upgrades will provide ease of use, making it easier to set up their environments and more specifically, to combine it into a VM environment. See the whole segment with Kristin Feledy and David Floyer on the Morning NewsDesk show.